Easy Vegan Desserts – They Exist!

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that more and more people are making. Avoiding all ingredients that are produced from animals can be challenging, but there is beginning to be aa shift in major grocers that is making it a bit easier. Major companies like Becel have even begon to offer vegan alternatives, and label their items vegan or not. Unfortunately some people have this perception of Vegan cooking and baking as some grueling task. They think to create easy vegan desserts, you have to use a complete science kit, Bunsen burner included.

That is not true at all, especially not any more. Easy vegan desserts recipes can be found all over the Internet now. They do not take a lot of extra effort either – put your science kits away.

Here is an example of a quick and easy vegan dessert with 4 ingredients, This can be made for you and your family at a relatively low cost. You will need:

  • Fresh fruit chopped up or berries (both is the best)
  • Sugar
  • Nutri Whip
  • A Spirit of Your Choice (for the adults)

All you have to do is cut up your fruit, you can leave the berries whole of course. Then sprinkle it with sugar, toss to coat and let it sit somewhere at room temperature for about half an hour. The sugar will bring out the fruit juices and natural sweetness of the fruits. If this is for adults then you can add a splash of liquor or spirits to speed up the process and add a mature flavor note. I would suggest vodka, rum or a fruit based product like Grand Marnier.

Once your fruit has been macerated (that is the name of the above technique) you are almost done. Add the fruit to a fancy bowl, or for a bit of elegance, a wine glass. Top it with some Nutri Whip. Nutri Whip is actually vegan, it is oil based not cream based. You can add some fruit zest to the Nutri Whip or leave as is – it is up to you. There you have it, an easy vegan dessert that will satisfy the pickiest of palettes.

Vegan desserts can be tricky but if you use simple ingredients like above paired with simple techniques like maceration – you can create stunning desserts that are easy to make. Try this for your next dinner party, and see your guests eyes light up in delight.

Source by T. Payne

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