Nation TV’s Food Friday on AgroEcology visits the Kangemi Youth Centre where Barefoot Soulutions and PRI Kenya have collaborated to implement permaculture food gardens to supplement the Youth Centre’s student diet with a healthy variety of greens and fruits. The pilot project started in January 2016 and has created a major positive impact on the Youth Centre’s inhabitants and landscape.

The project showcases the following:

• Minimum Budget for Maximum Change
• Working towards the creation of social business models = focused on creating long-term Impact and moving away from traditional short-term dependency models i.e. Aid.
• Showcasing the connection between ‘abundance’ and livelihoods – establishing grass root resilience as a priority.
• Moving beyond the concept of ‘conservation’ and ‘sustainability’ towards environmental enhancement that benefit all.

The pilot project has been completed successfully and will now be replicated in other slums throughout the Nairobi area.

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