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Easy Healthy Snacks For Kids

After a long and active day at school, our children tend to come home hungry, hence the popularity of the afternoon snack. Most store bought or commercial snacks are rich in carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, and fats. Things like packaged cookies, pastries, and other quick fix snacks are low in nutrition, and are generally unhealthy. While […]

Vitamin C – What Really Goes Into It?

Vitamin C – What really does into it? The Vitamin C you bought on the shelf does not come from an orange.As a matter of fact it does come from a grapefruit, or any sort of fruit at all. It's a chemically refined part of corn starch, made in a lab. Surprised? I was, until […]

Agri + Culture: Following food from farm to fork in South Carolina

This documentary explores the rise of the farm to fork movement in South Carolina, and highlights some of the folks who are working hard to promote and produce fresh, good tasting, safe, local foods. The rise of “locavorism” leads people to shop for food grown in their community for what “locavores” consider a healthy and […]

Best Vegan Eats in NYC

Delice & Sarrasin 20 Christopher St (at West Village, Manhattan), New York City, New York Cuisine: French This innovative restaurant focuses on French dishes. The idea came about after the owner visited France and discovered how difficult it was to find vegan food as everything contained eggs or cream. At Delice & Sarrasin, you’ll find […]

List of Places to Visit in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Australia varies quite a bit from her sister cities in the land down under. Melbourne did not begin as a prison settlement but rather as a planned and organized excursion into building of a city proper. The original grid was laid out in 1837 and although 172 years have passed the blueprint has shown […]

Depression & Breakfast – Is Cereal For Breakfast Keeping You Depressed?

Not so long ago, on advice from a naturopath, I tried a low GI muesli with almond milk for breakfast. Supposedly healthy right? For the next few hours I felt like I was fighting to stop from drowning. My emotions dived to their darkest depths they had in many years. Had I not been aware […]

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef

Get Sandwich Chef now! Unleash your kid’s culinary creativity with Sandwich Chef, where playing with your food takes on a whole new meaning. See what kinds of fun shapes you can create with healthy and tasty ingredients, and then chow down! Visit for more apps! Likes: 5 Viewed: 1457 source