An Organic Farm Bicycle Tour

Travel, work, learning, art, adventure, and environmental stewardship – can these things have an ideal overlap?
Through my past work in rural Panama, I became aware of the utmost important of sustainable food production and security locally and globally. After returning to the U.S., I started planning for the next trek which can encompass all of those factors mentioned, and in the growing season of 2013, I embarked on a 259-day, 3000-mile bicycle journey across the Pacific Northwest and California to be immersed in sustainable food production while living a minimalistic, socially-rich, and environmentally-sound lifestyle. I set out with such intentions, open to the quality company of friendly strangers, and old friends along the way. And what I discovered was (and still is) an elevated sense of joy and well-being never felt before. The slower pace of bicycle travel brought extra sensory awareness to every place and detail witnessed, while the physical challenge allowed an endless stream of quality foods and fist pumps to fuel the machine – my entire being. Through meeting fellow touring cyclists on the road, staying with generous hosts via the WarmShowers & Couchsurfing networks, to learning from and about the land stewards who produce truly healthy foods for themselves as well as regional customers – I am forever enlightened and transformed by this journey, and I hope to inspire other individuals by sharing it through my captured pixels and reflections.
This time-lapse was crafted with approximately 20,000 stills from my 8+ month bicycle & organic farm tour across the Pacific Northwest & California in 2013.

Photos & Editing // Jonathan H. Lee // /

Soundtrack // Greet The Mind – The Ocean Sends You Away //

Farms & Communities (north to south):
Rolling Earth Farm and Retreat in Roberts Creek, BC //
Chuckleberry Community near Nelson, BC //
8th Street Greens and CSA in Okanogan, WA //
Alpha Farm in Deadwood, OR //
Pasture 42 Guinda, CA //

Tech Notes:
Photos were taken with a GoPro Hero2 and Canon DSLR with various lenses using the intervalometer feature via the superb Magic Lantern – big shout out to the good folks behind this nifty firmware! Sequences were rendered via the LRTimelapse plugin in Lightroom, then cut and edited in Windows Movie Maker.

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