School Lunches and Child Obesity

When faced with what to pack their kids for school lunches, parents are faced with a variety of novelty items that seem marketed directly to kids. From yogurt that glows in the dark to "fruit strips" that are actually made of sugar, it becomes more and more difficult to provide kids with a healthy lunch that they will actually want to eat.

However, improper school lunches can have a drastic effect on the development of childhood obesity and future health. It is therefore important that parents are aware of the problem of obesity and improper diet.

A lot of "fun foods" are marked to kids these days. The packaging is often colorful, as are the language and graphics – sometimes even the food itself performances tricks that are irresistible to kids. Cereal that turns milk blue, instant oatmeal that hatches dinosaur eggs – all cute tricks employed by the marketers of the food industry that might gross adults out, but which kids can not resist.

Rather than steering clear of fun food altogether, keep in mind that not all of it is necessarily bad for your kids. But in a country that is struggling with an epidemic of childhood obesity, it is always wise to read the labels on the products to see what you are actually buying your son or daughter before. For example, some fruit strips are made out of real fruit – while others are full of sugar. It is hard to tell which brand is better without reading the nutritional labels on the back.

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