Pros and Cons of Packing Lunch For Kids

To pack or not to pack, that's the question plaguing mothers everywhere. Both have their pros and cons and the choice is not always clear.

For busy parents on the go, the obvious choice is the school lunch. School lunches usually give children at least two choices and they are well balanced. Children can receive either juice or milk with their meal. School lunches also save parents time since they do not have to keep portable food items on hand for packing.

Typically, the school lunch attendants are on their toes. They make sure each student receives an entre so they do not fill their tray with sweets.

Sometimes the schools further monitor the student's eating habits. Ask the school what their policies are and get a copy of the school lunch menu for each month.

Of course, purchasing a lunch for your child can be more expensive than packing something from home, but there's no denying it's a time saver. However, by packing your child's lunch, you can ensure you know what they are eating.

Pack their favorite foods and you know they'll eat them. You can be assured of their nutritious value, as well. Include some money for milk or juice or pack a drink, too.

Another choice would be to do both. Screen the school lunch schedule and select the days they are having meals your children like and you approve of. Go ahead and pack their lunches on the remaining school days. This system will make everyone happy since your children get to eat all the foods they like and you only have to pack on select days.

Think about it and do what's right for you and your child. Find out what your child prefers and take that consideration when making your decision.

Source by Pam Donaldson

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