Lunch Ideas For a Wide Mouth Thermos

Nothing beats a tasty lunch from a wide mouth thermos. The food stays the correct temperature for hours and is as hot or as cold as it is supposed to be. No lukewarm lunches for your family if each of them has a wide mouth thermos.

1. Here are a few ideas for a hot lunch:

Obviously the first that springs to mind is a tasty, thick homemade soup. Make sure the soup is heated right through and also that you have heated the thermos by rinsing it in boiling water. To tell you the truth I actually let the thermos stand with the boiling water in it while I heat the soup.

Any stew made with small pieces of meat or chicken always go down very well. It is not even necessary to pack sandwiches if you make sure the stew has lots of potatoes in it. This is what is so good about a wide mouth thermos; the food can be eaten directly from the thermos.

Another very tasty option is any paste dish made with fun shaped pasta shapes. Kids love these and it is amazing how many veggies you can slip into such a meal. Remember to top the past with a little cheese. It is best to pack the cheese separate and then it can be sprinkled over the food just before eating.

2. Here are a few ideas for a cold lunch (as summer is coming!)

You will not go wrong with a tuna and pasta salad. Make sure the salad I chock and block with yummy ingredients such as tomatoes, pickles and beans. I find that corn also goes down very well and I like to flavor the mayonnaise with a little logo ketchup

Of course the same idea work very well for a ham salad or a salad made with any other available meat. With the salad it is best to pack a sandwich to go with it. This will all depend on how much starch is included in the salad itself.

Another possibility is to pack a normal sandwich and then pack a tasty fruit salad to go with it. You can even pack a little container of yogurt to be poured over the fruit salad just before eating it. I love the taste of fruit salad with yogurt and I'm sure your family will enjoy it as well.

These are only a few ideas. I am sure you will be able to come up with even more lunch ideas for a wide mouth thermos.

Source by Rika Van Aardt

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