Objectives of a Healthy Diet

Objectives of a Healthy Diet

At one time or another most people have entertained the idea of ​​dieting. Some will follow though with action and others just think about it. Those who decide to take action are often confused with the all too many choices of diet plans.

Following and following a healthy diet plan does not have to be complicated and confusing if you know the objectives of a healthy diet.

A healthy living diet should achieve all of the following objectives:

  • It should have sufficient calories to maintain one’s metabolic needs and to power you through whatever activities you undertake. However, the number of calories should not be so high that it causes your body to begin storing excess amounts of fat. Stored fat should never be more than 30% of your body mass.
  • A healthy diet should have sufficient quantities of fat including monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fat. This should be balanced by omega 6 and omega 3 lipids.
  • It should also avoid saturated fats as much as possible, as well as trans-fats or trans-fatty acids as they are sometimes known.
  • A healthy diet should also include a significant amount of amino acids (which are complete proteins). This provides replenishment to your cells and transports proteins through your body. All the essential amino acids are present in both animal and plant protein.
  • There must be complete avoidance of directly poisonous substances such as heavy metals and carcinogenic substances.

One should also avoid high doses of certain foods that may be alright in small doses but not in large doses, such as:

  • Food or substances with directly toxic properties such as ethyl alcohol.
  • Foods that could exhaust the normal functions of the body such as eating refined carbohydrates that need extra dietary fiber to be digested.
  • Foods that could interfere with other body processes, such as refined table salt.

The checklist looks simple enough because a simple list is exactly what it is. It is just a basic guide – a list of the dos and don’ts for your diet. Your lifestyle is becoming increasingly complex as is the food we eat. The optimal diet has to be more than just the basics. It must include the basic food groups, as well making allowances for your specific health issues and aims.

Source by Pat Pohzer

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