8 Great Breakfast Ideas For People With Wheat Intolerance

Even if you have wheat intolerance, you can still have an effortless and guilty-free breakfast. You want to start your day off right, but you do not want to have to eat wheat to do it. These 8 breakfast ideas will have you waking up each morning actually looking forward to a new day!

Breakfast Idea # 1: Omelets

This is one breakfast classic that does not belong on anyone’s wheat intolerance “forbidden list”. Grab some eggs (or egg whites), and mix in tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Pour it on a hot pan, fold the omelet, and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious gluten free breakfast!

Breakfast Idea # 2: Gluten-Free Cereal

Although most breakfast cereals have gluten, there are many that do not. You have to be very diligent about label reading or call the manufacturer to be 100% sure.
Many organic cereal brands, like Nature’s Path and Whole Earth, make cereal that is 100% gluten free. There are also specialty companies that produce gluten-free cereal made just for people with wheat intolerance.
The best part is that they taste great! They range from super-healthy crispy rice to indulgent frosted flakes.

Breakfast Idea # 3: Fruit

As you already know, fruit is naturally gluten free. The best breakfast fruits are blueberries, strawberries, melons, bananas, and grapefruit. Fruit alone is not ‘the most filling breakfast, so it’s best used as a side.

Breakfast Idea # 4: Gluten Free Toast

There are dozens of gluten free spreads on the market today. Pick your favorite, throw it in the toaster, top with butter or peanut butter, and presto: toast is back in your life!

Breakfast Idea # 5: Yogurt

Many flavored yogurts contain gluten, so it’s best to go with the plain variety. To add yummy flavor, you can mix in frozen fruit, some honey and top with gluten-free cereal.

Breakfast Idea # 6: Pancakes

Sure, most pancakes are made from wheat flour, but it does not have to be that way! To make an amazing gluten free pancake, just substitute wheat flour with rice flour, tapioca flour, or brown rice flour. Most classic pancake ingredients are gluten free, so this is actually the only change you need to make.

Breakfast Idea # 6: French Toast

This is another traditional breakfast food that does not have to be sacrificed just because you have wheat intolerance. Combine the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, vanilla extract, nutmeg) like you normally would and let gluten free bread slices soak it up. To cook, throw the bread on a hot greased pan.

Breakfast Idea # 7: Bacon

A real breakfast favorite! Most bacon is gluten free, although some companies use gluten as filler. This is another case where you have to check the ingredients label before giving it a go.

Breakfast Idea # 8: Porridge

Porridge is great for staving off an appetite until lunchtime. Although oats are generally not advised for those with wheat intolerance, other grains like buckwheat and millet work just as well for porridge.

Source by NJ Shelsby

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