5 Diets For Busy People

If you live a busy lifestyle and can not devote time to conventional dieting, fear not. There are plenty of diets out there which get great results regardless of your lifestyle and are easy to implement no matter how busy you are. These 5 diets for busy people are all natural and so the weight loss results will remain long term! In addition one of these diets is so powerful that people can actually lose 10 pounds or more in less than 2 weeks without trying! So let's get started already!

Diet 1: The green tea diet. I'm sure you've heard about the incredible health and weight loss benefits of green tea but the ideal way to drink this is by substituting green tea for other morning / evening drinks such as coffee. Drinking green tea at least 2 times a day without sugar will start to show after about 2 weeks. Very easy product to find and very easy to implement into your life!

Diet 2: The apple cider vinegar diet. So many health gurus have spoken out in favor of this "elixir" calling it the greatest product to ever be made. Apple cider vinegar not only helps people lose weight fast and restores people's health, but it also contains MANY nutrients and health benefits including improved immune system, less allergies, regulation of the digestive system, improvement of blood circulation and much more. Drink apple cider vinegar with juices like cranberry juice. It is IMPERATIVE that you mix at least 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with at least a cup of water or juice because apple cider vinegar is too acidic to drink on it's own.

Diet 3: Drinking 10 glasses of water a day. I'm pretty sure you have heard that drinking plenty of water is good for you, but can it also help you lose weight? The answer is yes. If you substitute sodas, coffee, and even normal drinks with water and drink it at least 10 times a day (10 glasses), you can lose weight. Water naturally flushes away toxins and undigested food in the body, causing the body to stabalize, improve metabolism and fix itself naturally, causing health improvement and weight loss to occur.

Diet 4: The lemon diet. The lemon diet has been considered to be the most powerful diet ever created. It has been known to cause people to lose up to 20 pounds of weight loss in 10 or less days. It has also been known to cure chronic conditions and regenerate people's health so much, people in their 40s report to feeling 20 again. The lemon diet is not the easiest diet to accomplish. It requires you drink 32 oz of salt water in the morning, 6 glasses of water mixed with lemon and organic maple syrup 6 times a day, and drink laxative tea every night for 7-10 days. You can not eat during this time. Out of the 5 diets for busy people listed here, the lemonade diet is the hardest to accomplish, but at the same time is the most powerful and beneficial.

Diet 5: The calorie shifting diet. Earlier it was said there was 1 diet in this list that was so powerful that people could lose 10 or more pounds in less than 2 weeks without trying. Well this is that diet. Although it does not include all of the health benefits the lemonade diet causes, calorie shifting works for itself and is IDEAL for busy people. It automatically causes metabolism and fat burning to skyrocket and remains that way regardless of what you eat or do. This is the most flexible diet ever invented and works for absolutely everyone.

Source by Vitaliy Gershfeld

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