Desserts – How to Make a Jello Cream Cake

This is a recipe my sister-in-law used to make for every family get together. Since everyone loved it, she just always bought it. With everyone's kids grown and schedules so different, we have not seen this cake in many years.

When I recently dug the recipe out of my recipe box, my daughter looked at it and said, "Mom I do not remember it, but a cake and jello all in one?" The answer is yes, this is jello on top of a crust. It comes out wonderfully. My daughter wanted it made immediately.

Here is a list of the ingredients used in the recipe:

C cup butter (you can also use a lower calorie margarine for this recipe)
C cup brown sugar
1 cup flour
C cup chopped walnuts
1 small package lemon jello
1 large package lime jello
8 ounces of cream cheese, softened
2 cups whipping cream, whipped
C cup white sugar

You start by making the crust. Cream together the butter and brown sugar. Mix in the flour and walnuts. Mix until well mixed. This will form your crust. Press the crust into a 9×13 casserole dish. Bake at 375 degrees 8- 10 minutes. Do not overcook.

You now create your first jello layer. Dissolve the lemon jello in one cup of boiling water. Dissolve completely and then allow to cool. Mix together the cream cheese and white sugar. Then add the whipped cream. Mix well. Add the lemon jello to the mixture and stir. Pour over the cooled crust and refrigerate. You need this first layer to set.

Once set, create your second layer. Dissolve the lime jello in three cups of boiling water. Allow to cool and then pour over the lemon jello layer. Return to the refrigerator until completely set. You can now cut it into squares and serve. We like to top it with a small scoop of whipped cream.

Once you learn how to make this recipe, you can create different color combinations for holidays. For example, during Valentines Day you might consider either two red layers or making the first layer with non-colored jello and your second layer with red. For Christmas, you can make one layer red and one green. For Independence Day, try one blue layer and one red layer. Your crust is light brown, so your cake looks patriotic.

As you choose colors, consider taste combinations. For example strawberry and raspberry jello are close in color but very different tastes. Also, we use sugar free jello when making this recipe as there is plenty of other sugar in the cake.

Try the cake and see if you like it as is. If you do not like the walnuts, try using other types of nuts.

Source by Audrey Okaneko

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