Cookies That Deliver Health – Really?

Cookies that are healthy? Is this true? Well, yes. There is also healthy ice cream, brownies, and other amazing desserts waiting to deliver health and nutrition to your family. These are not diabetic insects or dieters sweets that are loaded with unnatural chemicals. We are talking about delicious desserts that you can serve your kids or guests and everyone will enjoy … and leave feeling good about themselves! All you need to do is discover where there are or how to make them! Here are a few tips to eating nutritious sweets.

There are so many natural sweeteners that are loaded with nutrients and living enzymes. The key is to find items that have not been heated when they are packaged; the heating kills most of the living enzymes and nutrients in the food. There are a lot of choices such as raw honey, raw agave nectar, or even stevia.

Another tip is using natural forms of chocolate. You can buy raw cacao nips or powder, or you can use raw carob. Raw cacao is loaded with antioxidants and bursting with nutrients. Just be sure to buy a raw and organic variety.

Sometimes the obvious is overlooked, but allow fruit to be the sweetener. Toss all of your favorite fruits in the blender and make a smoothie. Toss your favorite fruit (bananas and strawberries work great) into the freezer and then run them through an ice cream press. You will be surprised how good natural ice cream is, my kids do not know the difference.

All it takes is a little creativity and re-training our minds to learn how to make desserts that really deliver health and nutrition. When your kids walk in from school you can hand them sweets for their after school snack and feel great about it! And if your kids love chocolate cookies as much as mine do, switch them to eating natural ones made with raw cacao, raw agave nectar and other natural ingredients, because you really can make cookies that can deliver health!

Source by Carolyn Pennington

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