5 Yummy Picnic Dessert Recipes

Picnicking is usually associated with fresh produce, sandwiches, or barbecue, but it is also a great place for desserts. This is especially true with so many fantastic fruits available in season, there's no excuse not to feature a few desserts for yourself and everyone you're enjoying the picnic with. Here are 5 yummy picnic dessert recipes to get your mouth watering for getting out there picnicking and experimenting with a few of your own.

Again – fruits. Probably the simplest dessert that you can have is simply fresh fruit cut up and ateen with a bit of sweetened cream. Now, do not use just store bought cream. Instead, whip some up yourself and add a little bit of fun flavors like fruit juices or for adults, a splash of brandy works great. This is a light and refreshing choice to end a meal with.

Or trying something with a bit more bulk. Purchase or make your own pound cake. These are durable cakes that travel well so are great for picnicking. Next, at home macerate some of your favorite fruits. Berries soaked in sugar with a bit of wine work great. When you're ready to serve, simply pour the berries over the cake and you have a wonderful finish that uses great seasonal fruit.

Another simple choice that does not require much work is a selection of cheese served with jams and toasted notes. Pick a few of your favorite soft cheeses along with jams and serve them together. You'll have a great flavor that is also adventurous and will provide a lot fun experimenting.

Chocolate mousse is also a good choice, because it will fit in almost any container and can be eat out of it. Better yet, if your basket or hamper will transport wine glasses, this is a fun and exciting way to eat this recipe. Depending upon the size of your party, consult an exact recipe. Regardless the process will be to melt chocolate and then fold in whipped cream followed by whipped eggs whites mixed with sugar. This is then chilled and you have a deliciously rich and light finish.

A good way to double up a few extra ingredients lying around the house is to make date and oat slices. Simply take some oats and mix with hot molasses. For the dates: cook these with sugar and wine until sticky. Then lay half the oats in a cake dish, followed by the dates, and then followed by the rest of the oats. Bake this until set and then chill. This is best for a lighter meal.

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