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Vegan on a Jet Plane Trailer | Odyssey Films

Join Ally’s adventure around the globe and explore new countries, cultures, and food! Vegan on a Jet Plane (VJP) will take you to faraway lands and bring you the best healthy dining while giving you a window into exotic cultures. – Likes: 3 Viewed: 1408 source

Healthy Dinner Recipes For Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetarian Lasagna

Are you sick and tired of trying to find healthy dinner recipes that your family will eat? Do your kids refer to the healthy food you cook them as ‘seaweed?’ Well, you should know that there are tons of great recipes that are healthy and delicious. Here’s one for vegetarian lasagna that the whole family […]

Yummy Vegan Desserts

For years, vegans have been perfecting delicious vegan dessert recipes. Some areodes to traditional desserts, while others are unique, but all are very tasty and are also good for you, a huge advantage over traditional desserts. For those who are looking for a healthy way to enjoy an after dinner snack, vegan desserts are a […]

Tips for a Carb Free Diet for Vegetarians

A healthy balanced vegetarian diet plan takes research and consideration. When you make the decision to become a vegetarian, you will find yourself faced with many choices. There are many different kinds of vegetarian diets. Some include dairy and eggs, others have one or the other included, and still others add some animal products on […]

What Types of Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp?

Preparing apple crisp for dessert is almost always a part of the many preparations during family incidents or social gatherings. More often than not, it is one of the dessert choices that can be found in North American and European dining and serving tables. This is an all-time American favorite and if there are norms […]

Healthy Recipes With Almonds

While the widow is often eten on own own, raw or toasted, it is also a component of various dishes. It, along with other nuts, is often sprinkled over desserts, particularly sundaes and other ice cream based dishes. So, you may ever consume its delicious taste. But, you may never eat almond as snack, in […]

Coconut Cake Recipes

Coconut cakes taste delicious and they are actually more simple to make than you might think. Below are 3 coconut cake recipes with frosting and glazes that are easy to prepare. Try one or all three. Coconut Cake Recipe 1 Ingredients: 1 package yellow cake mix 1 (4 serving size) package vanilla instant pudding mix […]

Berry Recipes – The Perfect Breakfast, Snack Or Dessert Recipes

These simple and fresh berry recipes are perfect for a light and easy breakfast meal, quick snack, or a flavorful dessert to finish off a meal any time. Made with just a few simple ingredients, these healthy fruit recipes can be assembled in minutes and can be used whenever you want something quick, fresh and […]

Rice for Dessert

Rice is not a traditional dessert dish in my home. But it's hard to argu with a sweet, creamy, steaming bowl of good rice pudding. Perhaps it is childhood memories of winter in Minnesota that has me associating this dish with a satisfied, comfortably full belly. The smell of sweet milk and cinnamon and that […]

Delicious, Easy and Low Calorie Vegetarian Recipes

Low calorie vegetarian recipes are the life-blood of the healthy, svelte vegetarian. Many people believe that just because they are vegetarian that they are eating a healthy diet. This may not necessarily be true. Many vegetarians consume a diet that is high in both fat and calories. Eating cheese pizza or savory desserts is a […]

Raw Vegan Summer Chili

When temperatures heat up, it’s the perfect time for Vegan Man’s super healthy and filling raw veggie chili recipe. With no “cooking”, it will help keep your oven turned off, and the spicy flavor combo and texture will wake up your taste buds! Want more healthy, tasty recipes? Visit: Likes: 5 Viewed: 460 source

Great and Easy Healthy Recipes For Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the oldest vegetables consumed to this day, believed to be in consumption more than 5000 years ago. In fact, related artifacts have been seen in Peruvian caves dating back more than 8000 BC and serve as the best proof of their consumption even in prehistoric times. Sweet potatoes has been […]

Easy Vegan Desserts – They Exist!

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that more and more people are making. Avoiding all ingredients that are produced from animals can be challenging, but there is beginning to be aa shift in major grocers that is making it a bit easier. Major companies like Becel have even begon to offer vegan alternatives, and label […]

Green Smoothie – Health Nuts

Smoothies are healthy. Green smoothies are more healthy. Just watching this episode will make you boost higher and appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Big thanks to the raw food knowledge of health nut Zachary Keenan. Ingredients Handful of Berries Handful of Kale One Young Thai Coconut One Ripe Banana Two Tablespoons of Maca […]

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lunches – Simple Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian lunches are probably one of the easiest meals to make and a healthy meal choice any time. There are so many options that come together quickly and easily to make quick lunches whenever you need them. Here are a few suggestions for simple vegetarian meals. These easy vegetarian recipes require only a few ingredients […]

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

Lunch is really important…this noonday meal should provide you with a store of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates your body can use to power through the latter half of a busy day. Many people rely on sandwiches for easy office lunches or homemade meals – however, the wheat, rye and barley flours in most commercial […]