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Low Calorie Desserts – How to Create Tasty Cream Desserts That Will not Put Your Weight Loss in Danger

Does your diet tell you that you can not lose weight and have a dessert sometimes? Or does it include sweet treats, but these are not only low in calories but they also do not really taste like anything? Then it's definitely time for a change! Did you know that, in fact, having a nice […]

Greenhouse of abundance – Official Trailer –

Learn how to build a greenhouse adjacent to your home or ask a carpenter to build it for you ! Who Should Take This Online Course? The answer is: Anyone who desires a more independent, energy efficient and nature-based lifestyle. Whether you are curious about green living or are already a sustainability enthusiast, this course, […]

How to Eat Healthy Through the Whole Day

You now know which foods you should eat a lot of, which ones not so much and which ones you should rather leave: Lots of cereals, fruits and vegetables, a moderate amount of all animal products, legumes and nuts, and little to none sweeteners , fats and luxuries. But that still does not plan you […]

YRFN – upStream Aquaponics

The York Region Food Network is embracing soil-less agriculture as part of building a healthy food-secure community. YRFN’s project, upStream Aquaponics in Newmarket, is a water-based soil-less agriculture system that replicates a natural system that recycles byproducts from living fish to fertilize edible plants. The facility was built over a year and started production in […]

Healthy Lunch Food

Everyone is interested in healthy lunch food. That's a good thing because lunch is consumed during the busiest part of your day and should be your most nutrient rich meal of the day. Luckily, lunch can utilize good cheap food that can be used in inexpensive healthy recipes. Healthy lunch food does not have to […]

Firm Flat Abs Fast – 3 Healthy Abdominal Friendly Desserts

When you are watching your waistline, it is so hard to avoid those delicious trips you see everyone else eating. You want to have it, but you are torn between keeping or developing those gorgeous firm flat abs fast. Happily there exists a simple remedy to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep still keep your […]

Discovery Kids Cocinaccion – Recipes

Our ‘Discovery Kids’ friends have come with an amusing and ambitious proposal this time: we have to face the complete Production of Cocinaccion (Shooting, Design, Animation and Postproduction). It is a package of ten recipes to encourage kids to cook with their parents and eat healthy food. Firstly, the shooting was made together with a […]

Yummy Vegan Desserts

For years, vegans have been perfecting delicious vegan dessert recipes. Some areodes to traditional desserts, while others are unique, but all are very tasty and are also good for you, a huge advantage over traditional desserts. For those who are looking for a healthy way to enjoy an after dinner snack, vegan desserts are a […]

15 Seeds: A school invented by Kids

15 Seeds is an after school program that was created by 5 kids from across California when asked to solve the education crisis. It is based on principles such as games for learning, individual pacing, field trips, healthy food, etc. This program is part of a documentary called Tomorrow’s Roundtable. Learn more: Get involved: […]