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Different Kinds Of Prepared Meals

There are a few varieties of prepared meals available, such as the TV dinner or one made by a weight loss program. They tend to come in plastic containers that can be thrown away or recycled with ease. Inside these little boxes are every component required of a meal, although, depending on the kind that […]

The Garden Gateway Project

A documentary on the work of Community Services Unlimited in South Central Los Angeles. The film explores the organization’s role in the work of food justice and of bringing fresh, healthy, and affordable food to a community that has been detrimentally affected by food inequalities. For more information on how you can get involved with […]

How To Find Healthy Dinner Recipes

When I’m looking for information about something I just type the word or phrase into Google and I can usually find what I’m looking for in the first couple of pages of results. When I typed in “Healthy Dinner Recipes” I was overwhelmed. There were lots of results of course, so I clicked on the […]

How an African Village is Using Trees to Save Lives [Documentary]

Video Directed by Brent Gudgel & Chris Sinclair Produced by Chronicle Project Filmed by Chris Sinclair Edited by Brent Gudgel Voice Over artist: Iba Thiam Script from interviews with Chief Jean Zamanjisy Music by Kyle Robertson Learn more or join Eden’s reforestation work at Antanamarina, Madagascar. Their village name means “True Village” in English. […]

Ayurvedic Drinks // Jamu Kunyit Turmeric Elixir

WHAT IS JAMU? Bali, Indonesia… a beautiful island only a short flight from Australia and a place many call their second home. With warm balmy nights, fresh healthy food, waterfalls and motorbike riding along rice paddy fields it’s no wonder most people’s passports end up with a few visa extensions before they make it back […]

Bee Propolis: Synergisitc Health Care for the 21st Centruy

For well over a century modern science has progressed at a startling rate. With this increase in knowledge has come medicinal and healthcare benefits that have seen ages peak and diseases eradicated. These medical advances were based around the paradigm of the “magic bullet”, isolating the active ingredient and using it to alter the chemistry […]

The Circle of Life, by Prairie Moon Nursery

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE: Native plants co-evolved with native insects and wildlife; they are deeply dependent on one another. Plants provide food and shelter to insects, birds, and other small animals, which, in turn support larger predators. Native plants are the fundamental stepping stones of a healthy eco-system. Likes: 3 Viewed: 2898 source

Cooking with Tree @ M.S. 246

Culinary artist and food activist Tree Williams made a special trip to M.S. 246 to teach classes 701 and 702 about healthy nutrition and healthy choices. We learned how to make a apple and raisin salad as well as sauteed kale and chicken. Likes: 2 Viewed: 131 source

Vegan on a Jet Plane Trailer | Odyssey Films

Join Ally’s adventure around the globe and explore new countries, cultures, and food! Vegan on a Jet Plane (VJP) will take you to faraway lands and bring you the best healthy dining while giving you a window into exotic cultures. – Likes: 3 Viewed: 1408 source

Wisewomans Cookery Television Series – Episode 1

The creators of the stimulating aphrodisiac cookbook, Wisewoman’s Cookery ~ Food, Sex & Merriment, are at it again with an intelligent, sexy and delicious new television series. Wisewoman’s Cookery, a host-driven lifestyle show, examines the relationship between food and sensuality with easy recipes for delicious meals along with natural elixirs, massage oils, lubricants and potent […]

The Botanical – An Iconic Restaurant Melbourne Australia Has to Offer

It was a quiet Saturday night along the streets of Melbourne when my sister and I went to The Botanical, an iconic restaurant in South Yarra. The occasion was her birthday so this was a special treat. It is difficult taking her out to a restaurant as she is an incredibly fussy eater and a […]

Melbourne Hotels – Comfortable Retreats

Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia is also one of the largest crowd pullers. If you are planning to come to this capital city of Victoria, you will be greeted with a wide range of Melbourne Hotels. This cultural capital of Australia is an abode of elegant Victorian architectures, cultural attractions and major shopping destinations. […]

No Small Potatoes – How to Reduce Food & Packaging Waste From School Lunches

Despite thought and forward-thinking updates in schools, school design, and classroom curriculum, grade school cafeterias have not changed significantly in the past 50 years. School kids are still either buying their lunch, which they receive on a tray ("hot lunch"); or they bring lunch from home ("cold lunch"). School lunches often include a self-serve salad […]

The Many Benefits of Barley Grass

Barley Grass

Taking wheat grass shots? Research is proving that barley grass is the superior green food. Barley is found in many food products from breads to beer. However, until recently, many people did not recognize the many health benefits that this nutrient-rich food can have in the body. Studies have found that barley grass can lower […]

A Guide to New York City Fine Dining

Most people agree that New York City offers more fine dining restaurants than almost anywhere else in the world. Most of them you will find in the downtown New York City area. Greenwich Village, SoHo and Tribeca offer you more options than most people know what to do with. In this article, I will give […]

The Top 10 Most Toxic Foods

Smart Shopping Learn to Avoid the Top 10 Most Toxic Foods (Hint: They’re hiding in your grocery store!) Many of the foods that we choose to eat are laden with hidden chemicals and pesticides that have led us to major health problems. * Find out how to locate the foods that will Maximize your nutrition […]