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We love our kids! What do we want for them the most? HEALTH. We collect some healthy and delicious recipes for children.

No Small Potatoes – How to Reduce Food & Packaging Waste From School Lunches

[ad_1] Despite thought and forward-thinking updates in schools, school design, and classroom curriculum, grade school cafeterias have not changed significantly in the past 50 years. School kids are still either buying their lunch, which they receive on a tray ("hot lunch"); or they bring lunch from home ("cold lunch"). School lunches often include a self-serve […]

Childhood Obesity and School Lunches – How to Put Your Child’s Lunch Under Remote Control

[ad_1] The School Lunch Program: Parents Surrender Control of the Children’s Food to The Federal Government and the School Boards “The reason that children are currently too fat is, in part, because they used to be too thin” – The School Lunch Programs School time, including going and coming home from school dominates a child […]

Healthy Recipes For Kids

[ad_1] Healthy eating is important for proper growth in kids. Parents want to give their children a variety of nutrient-enriched food and drinks to help them grow stronger and healthier. Usually, life patterns are set in childhood and early puberty. Following a healthy diet routine and using healthy recipes will give them the benefit of […]

How to Create Healthy Party Snacks For Kids That They Will Eat

Healthy Party Snacks
[ad_1] Finding the right balance of healthy food that kids will eat at parties can be quite a challenge, particularly with the popularity and brand recognition of fast foods. However, with a bit of creativity and effort you can make healthy food look appetizing and fun to eat and here are a few tips. Instead […]

Is Your Child's School Serving a Healthy Lunch?

[ad_1] One of the hottest topics in the media today is childhood obesity. For years, people allowed their children to drink juice and eat bologna sandwiches without much thought. However, new research has shown that most affordable juices are made primarily from sugar and that processed meats are high in fat and sodium. Parents know […]

Safe, Nutritious Lunches for Kids with Food Allergies

[ad_1] Summer’s end means lunchboxes instead of sandboxes and the challenge of getting kids to eat nutritious lunches at school. This task becomes doubly challenging when kids have food allergies. According to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, about 11 million people react to eight common foods including wheat, dairy, and eggs – foods that […]

Packing Safe and Healthy School Lunches

[ad_1] Packing a safe and nutritious lunch for your youngsters to take to school can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help. 1. Wash lunchboxes every night. Use a baking soda and hot water solution once a week or as necessary to eliminate odors and keep lunchboxes and food containers smelling clean and […]

Kids Lunches – 7 Kid – Friendly Lunches

[ad_1] Each school lunch listed below can be accompanied by veggie sticks, a piece of fruit, cheese stick, small bag of chips or crackers, and a drink of sorts – whatever your child likes and that fits his appetite. 1. Sandwiches of all sorts – I know it's a basic kids lunch, but it's a […]

Make Some Healthy Muffin Recipes for Kids

[ad_1] Kids usually love to indulge in desserts. Although, you might want to keep your children away from eating sweets regularly due to bad calories attached, you can always make some healthy desserts. One of every kid’s most favorite sweets is undetectedly the Muffins. So, we bring to you a very interesting and unhealthy muffin […]

Packing Healthy Lunches

[ad_1] Life can be really busy sometimes, can not it? We tend to rush through our day, and we just do not have the time to stop and eat a healthy lunch. In those cases, we usually tend to grab something not so good for us from the fast food restaurants or we get something […]

Healthy Packed Lunches for Children

[ad_1] Every parent has the same dilemma when it comes to their children's packed lunches. It can be difficult to satisfy your child's tastes while keeping it healthy, especially if your child is fussy about the foods they eat. Here are a few ideas to help you keep school packed lunches healthy but appealing: 1. […]

How to Make a Healthy Lunch For Your Child

[ad_1] Since following your kids around all day is not an option, many parents sit around and wonder whether their children are making the right nutritional choices throughout the day. One of the best ways to ensure that your kids are eating a well balanced diet is by preparing their school lunch at home. Giving […]

Why School Lunch Choices Really Are not Healthy

[ad_1] It's a relief to some parents that the kids are returning. But for others, it signals a time of disappointment. Oh, not in the kids, but in the schools. Schools serve some of the unhealthiest lunches and snacks found anywhere. Prisons have better nutritional programs than our kids. That's because government officials set the […]

Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas For Children

[ad_1] As a parent, you might have gone through the anxiety of wanting to give your child health packed lunches, but also providing something that they will actually eat. After all, a child that will not eat their packed lunch is probably just as unhealthy as one that eats a packed lunch made up of […]

It's in the Bag – The Brown Bag 5 Easy Lunch Ideas For Mom and Dad

[ad_1] Lunch considerations are important with kids going back to school, but they should also be important for parents going to work. You think that is just one more thing to add to my list of "to-do's". Not really. With a bit of planning, it can be quite simple. Salad: How about a Chef's Salad? […]

How Healthy Are School Lunches – In Practice?

[ad_1] There's a crisis in health looming in the West. It's not just those poisons in the air. It's not only because of the couch potato culture. It's not even in our gross overeating, per se. It's because of a revolution in the way we bring up our kids to choose their food. And the […]

How To Make A Healthy Packed Lunch

[ad_1] If the idea of ​​taking your own lunch to work sounds dull, boring and a bit like hard work then think again. It does not have to be soggy logo sandwiches and a banana every day (except that's what you like !!). Here are some ideas to help you get creative with your lunches. […]

Simple and Cheap Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

[ad_1] It's often hard to get kids to eat healthy foods, and it's even harder to find health foods that taste good but do not break the bank. So here are some brown bag lunch ideas that make healthy food fun for kids while saving you money. Jazz Up Their Yoghurt Yogurt is an inexpensive […]

Making Healthy School Lunch Choices

[ad_1] I now have three children who need a lunch at school everyday. With morning being the usual train wreck until everyone gets out the door, I rejoice when the kids opt for a school "hot lunch" as it means less work, confusion, and commotion in the morning. "Hot lunch" – it sounds healthy, but […]

Creating Healthy School Lunches For Kids

[ad_1] One of the issues moms face as they send their kids back to school is preparing lunches. Not only are they concerned with preparing food for the kids each day, but preparing healthy and nutritious lunches! This can be quite the challenge, especially with picky youngsters. We all want our kids to eat well […]