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Everyone enjoys having something sweet now and then at different times of the day. While most people do like to enjoy a sweet treat after a nice meal, there are many times during the day or night when we might reach for something sweet. Store bought treats might be okay, but nothing can match the fulfillment a homemade pie or fresh baked cookies can bring.

Mamas Make Superfood Smoothies for Abundant Energy**

How to make an epic Superfood Smoothie! Recipe: 1 tsp Tumeric (healing, antibacterial, anticancer) 1 tsp Holy Basil (stress relief, immune stimulator, powerful antioxidants/vitamins) 1 cup Kale (powerful superfood vegetable full of chlorophyll and nutrients!) 1 tsp Spirulina (protein, cleansing, B vitamins, happy food!) 1 Banana (frozen preferably, add more for sweetness) 1 tablespoon Hemp […]

Fourth of July Cupcakes and Dessert Ideas For Your Barbecue

Fourth of July is the perfect time to use our July dessert recipe ideas. Here are some easy cupcake decorating ideas and some delicious dessert ideas to use as your Fourth of July cupcakes and dessert ideas this year at your barbeque. Red, white and blue cupcakes are really easy to make, and fun to […]

Vanilla Fudge Recipes – Easy Vanilla Fudge

This quick and simple recipe is made with sweetened condensed milk. 3 cups white sugar 1/2 cup corn syrup 1 1/4 cup condensed milk 1/4 pound butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Directions In a saucepan or double boiler, combine the white sugar, white syrup, condensed milk and butter. Cook over medium heat until fudge reaches […]

Quick No-Bake Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Anyone who’s a sweet tooth would understand the random, sudden craving for a piece of cake, a cup of ice cream or any sweet treat. Instead of going out and spending big on sweet trees, why not make even delicious ones right from the comfort of your own kitchen? Here are some quick and easy […]

Sorbet: Tips for Making a Low Sugar Dessert

Few things are more satisfying than a cup of smooth, cold sorbet on a warm and relaxing day. I love to make and eat sorbet, but there is a potential downside. Unlike ice cream, sorbet has either fat nor lactose; but just like ice cream, sorbet has lots and lots of sugar. When making sorbet, […]

The Best Low Carb Cheesecake Recipe – Delicious and Healthy

The first step in is always the hardest some say – same can be said when you are doing a low carb diet and are trying to significantly reduce the amount of calories you are eating. If you have been looking for tasty and healthy recipes for your diet with no success – then this […]

Two Easy Dessert Recipes

If you love fudge and hate the hassle of making it, then this recipe is for you. There is also another recipe if you like cottage cheese. This is so easy and so good you can not go wrong. Peanut Butter Fudge Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 1/2 cup can milk 1-1 / 3 cups peanut […]

Cookies That Deliver Health – Really?

Cookies that are healthy? Is this true? Well, yes. There is also healthy ice cream, brownies, and other amazing desserts waiting to deliver health and nutrition to your family. These are not diabetic insects or dieters sweets that are loaded with unnatural chemicals. We are talking about delicious desserts that you can serve your kids […]

Three Simple Dessert Recipes For Your Crockpot

I love to surprise my family with a tasty dessert that tastes like it took hours to make but was actually done from the crockpot. I'd like to share a few very simple to make recipes for desserts. Apple Cranberry Crisp 3 apples 1 cup cranberries 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup rolled oats (quick […]

Desserts – How to Make a Jello Cream Cake

This is a recipe my sister-in-law used to make for every family get together. Since everyone loved it, she just always bought it. With everyone's kids grown and schedules so different, we have not seen this cake in many years. When I recently dug the recipe out of my recipe box, my daughter looked at […]

Low Carb Dessert Recipes

Go easy on desserts, even these low carb ones. If you are to control your weight you must also watch the quantity of the foods that you put in your body. If you eat more than you need the excess will be turned into fat. Chocolate Torte This king of desserts can be made a […]

Firm Flat Abs Fast – 3 Healthy Abdominal Friendly Desserts

When you are watching your waistline, it is so hard to avoid those delicious trips you see everyone else eating. You want to have it, but you are torn between keeping or developing those gorgeous firm flat abs fast. Happily there exists a simple remedy to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep still keep your […]

Low Fat Ice Cream Recipes – Or, Rather a Sorbet Recipe?

If you are looking at low fat ice cream recipes, there are typically a few different kinds that pop up. People start wondering about sorbet or sherbet and more. I think, it does not matter at all. For me, if I look for low fat ice cream recipes, the technicalities does not matter, as long […]

Healthy Desserts: Simple Banana Flaxseed Cookies

The first time I came across the idea that you can bake the simple ingredients of banana and flax into cookies, I must admit I was highly skeptical. How can one possibly bake a cookie without flour, baking powder, or cookie dough? Since I strive to avoid these ingredients in my diet and remain wheat […]

Bread Pudding Dessert – Affordable Modern Recipes for Easter Brunch

Long ago, making bread pudding was common in every kitchen. It would only take a few ingredients such as stale and hard bread, milk, eggs, spices, or depending on what was on hand, for one to make a tasty and delicious side dish or dessert. What probably started the idea was to avoid the waste […]

How to Make a Moist Applesauce Dessert Cake

When it comes to fall baking, I enjoy making this Applesauce Cake because its easy, and I save time by not using fresh apples. I prefer to bake mine in a tube pan, but you can certainly make it in a round cake pan. You can swift confectioner's sugar on top of your slightly warm […]

French Dessert Creams – Are You Confused?

If you are interested in French cooking or if you are traveling in France, you may find yourself confused by the proliferation of crèmes in French desserts. You will find crème anglaise, crème patissière, crème brulé, crème frangipane, and crème fraiche to name just a few. Here's a short list to help you tell those […]

Calming Dessert Cravings When You Are Eating Healthy

I have heard of a saying that goes: “You can’t out train your diet.” In other words, if you eat a lot of junk, no amount of exercise you do will give you results. I had to learn this the hard way. For years, I struggled with getting into the exercise habit. Finally, I changed […]

What Types of Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp?

Preparing apple crisp for dessert is almost always a part of the many preparations during family incidents or social gatherings. More often than not, it is one of the dessert choices that can be found in North American and European dining and serving tables. This is an all-time American favorite and if there are norms […]

3 Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipes

If you are in the mood to make ice cream with your ice cream maker, these three easy strawberry ice cream recipes can make a nice summer treat. Each are different, so you have options depending on the ingredients you have at home. Recipe #1 – NON-DAIRY STRAWBERRY 2 teaspoons kosher gelatin 1/4 cup apple-strawberry […]