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Everyone enjoys having something sweet now and then at different times of the day. While most people do like to enjoy a sweet treat after a nice meal, there are many times during the day or night when we might reach for something sweet. Store bought treats might be okay, but nothing can match the fulfillment a homemade pie or fresh baked cookies can bring.

How to make candied pecans with Healthy Harlequin (15 secs)

Here’s a perfect little snack: Candied Pecans. I prefer to soak the pecans before, so put them in some water for at least 6 hours. That will make them more easily digestible. Once you’re done with that—drain them and start with the recipe below: On the ingredient side, here’s all you need: – 2 cups […]

Mango Fool – A Bajan Dessert

There are a number of mango varieties grown in Barbados. Most popular are the Julie, Ceylon and the large Imperial mango. At Food Affairs, we are destined in that we only use fresh mangoes from our orchard in our recipes, including this one for one of our most popular desserts. MANGO FOOL (serves 6) 1-1 […]

Apple Pie Recipes

The delightful aroma of apples baking in the oven always reminds me of mom making those delicious desserts. I could almost taste the pie before it even came out of the oven. You can get that same down home feeling at your house with these easy apple pie recipes. Apple Pie Recipe 1 Ingredients: 5 […]

ADHD Diet: ADHD-Friendly Desserts

Most ADHD diets involve the elimination of refined sugar. It may come as no surprise to you that sugar is responsible for hyperactive behavior and other troublesome symptoms of ADHD. While the body needs sugar to produce glucose for energy, refined sugar in most sweets and desserts get used up too quickly. They provide a […]

Make Some Healthy Muffin Recipes for Kids

Kids usually love to indulge in desserts. Although, you might want to keep your children away from eating sweets regularly due to bad calories attached, you can always make some healthy desserts. One of every kid's most favorite sweets is undetectedly the Muffins. So, we bring to you a very interesting and unhealthy muffin recipe […]

How to make Pumpkin Puree with Healthy Harlequin (15 secs)

Pumpkin is that SQUASH that you totally expect to see around this time of year. One of the most basic things you can do with all those great guts of a pumpkin is turn it into a puree, which can be a base for a million and one different recipes. Here’s how to make it: […]

Dessert Parties For Late Night Entertainment

There is a new way to entertain at home; it is called a “Dessert Party” and it is replacing conventional Happy Hour. Get some tips on presentation and decorum. Remember the little things To add finesse to anything you serve, use doilies on plates and platters. Espresso is wonderful with dessert but, use espresso cups […]

Healthy Approach to Prepare Delicious Desserts

Most people do not believe that healthy desserts are delicious. A person who is on diet will avoid taking this type of food due to its high sugar and fatty content. Indeed, people who pursue for good health do not require quitting their preferred sweet course. Everyone still can enjoy a yummy strawberry ice-cream or […]

3 Herbs and Spices Desserts That Will Turn You Into a Sweet Tooth

If you're not fond of sweets but sometimes crave for a little sugar, the best road to take is to go healthy. Start by eating desserts using natural herbs and spices so that you will not have to worry about preservatives. Herbs and spices desserts are also ideal when you're trying to lose weight – […]

Great British Desserts

British cookery is often treated as a joke, not least in Britain. Memories of over-cooked school meals and stodgy desserts abound. Yet cookery in Britain is going through something of a renaissance, where traditional recipes are being re-invented and re-discovered while new techniques and new styles are being brought into the cooking. It must be […]