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Morning… Coffee… Sunshine… Mmm… Let’s Celebrate each morning with these delicious recipes!

How to make candied pecans with Healthy Harlequin (15 secs)

Here’s a perfect little snack: Candied Pecans. I prefer to soak the pecans before, so put them in some water for at least 6 hours. That will make them more easily digestible. Once you’re done with that—drain them and start with the recipe below: On the ingredient side, here’s all you need: – 2 cups […]

Apple Pie Recipes

The delightful aroma of apples baking in the oven always reminds me of mom making those delicious desserts. I could almost taste the pie before it even came out of the oven. You can get that same down home feeling at your house with these easy apple pie recipes. Apple Pie Recipe 1 Ingredients: 5 […]

How to make Pumpkin Puree with Healthy Harlequin (15 secs)

Pumpkin is that SQUASH that you totally expect to see around this time of year. One of the most basic things you can do with all those great guts of a pumpkin is turn it into a puree, which can be a base for a million and one different recipes. Here’s how to make it: […]

My 5 Minute Healthy Chocolate Fudge Recipe – Yes It’s Healthy

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, I like to find ways to prepare delicious foods that most people can’t believe are actually healthy for you. If you have a sweet tooth like me, I’m sure you’ve tried to find ways to still enjoy sweet treats, but also try to make them healthier than typical junk food […]

5 Brain Foods For Healthy Snacks

Brain foods are so important to both adults and children. Many people focus on sugar rushes that may give you a burst of physical energy, but it is short lived while it plays havoc on your brain function. What you eat does affect your brain performance. You can subdue your brain activity by snacking on […]

Eggg-cellent Recipes From Eggg-tradordinary Chefs

These recipes are for eco conscious individuals who want to prepare healthy meals with egg whites that are produced using humane and organic methods. Eggology, an all-natural egg white company, recently became the first egg white company to be endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States. Enjoy! Spinach-Feta Omelet Servings: 2 1 cup […]

Frozen Greek Yogurt Is a Healthy Dessert Choice

Even though you have made the decision to adapt a healthy diet, that does not mean that you have to give up on sweets and desserts. There are some healthy alternatives that you can eat. Frozen Greek yogurt is a healthy and tasty alternative treat that you can enjoy any time of the day or […]

A Few Easy to Make Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Toddler

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Skipping breakfast can make your kid feel tired, agitated, or irritable. A healthy breakfast will fuel your little explorer’s body with enough energy and other nutrients. It also helps in establishing a normal eating pattern. Eating regular meals and snacks is a key to […]

The Best Green Smoothie

It’s humble, I know. But sometimes humble and practical is the best. Which is very true in this case. I’ve tried many green smoothies, and this is the combination I always come back to. Peaches Mangoes Kale Almond milk Add ginger if you like spice, cinnamon if you like to your fresh smoothies to feel […]

Pineapple Maca Juice

Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains an enzyme called bromelain that has potential anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. It contains small amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene levels and is rich in B-complex group of vitamins such as folate, thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and minerals like manganese, copper, and potassium. We also added […]